VAHA logo      The Valdosta Area Homeschooling Association (VAHA) is a support group for homeschooling families and those interested in homeschooling in the South Georgia/North Florida area.    VAHA has an emphasis on field trips and group activities, as well as providing the testing that is required by Georgia's education law.   Membership is open to any person or family who has an interest in homeschooling.   Members do not necessarily need to be currently homeschooling any children.

     Homeschooling is defined as the process of providing primary and/or secondary education for children through teaching them at their place of residence rather than sending them to a private or public educational institution.   Homeschoolers are participants in the homeschooling process, either as teachers or students.

The Valdosta Area Homeschooling Association (VAHA) website with the most current group events and information has moved to

If you are looking for the previous VAHA website with the original resources links, homeschooling information and all the rest, please check back as re-construction is underway.

Other VAHA links:

ValdostaHSers: group main e-mail list.
The ValdostaHSers list is open to VAHA members AND other homeschoolers in the South Georgia/North Florida area. The purpose of this list is for subscribers to receive VAHA updates and other homeschool info, as well as communicate with each other for helpful homeschool related ideas, tips, info and support.
It'll also be a great resource to look for and sale or trade used curriculum.
ValdostaHSers-YouthGroup: (note Yahoo! link currently not working)
The ValdostaHSers-YouthGroup list is open to older children, aged 12 (7th grade) and up. Children and Youth lists are moderated.
ValdostaHSers-Kids: (note Yahoo! link currently not working)
The ValdostaHSers-Kids list is open to kids (ages 12 and under). Children and Youth lists are moderated.
The ValdostaHSers-Faith-n-Politics e-mail list for off-homeschool-topic discussions.


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