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(and remember, if you haven't laughed or loved, then you haven't really lived)

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 Well, my wife is a bit uncomfortable about putting our address on the internet, so I removed it.  But, all you have to do is call my number below or write to my email address and you can have my snail-mail address.

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Beginning January 29, 2008

Dear Anthea, Quentin & Miranda,

I know that you guys think you don't need me, that you think you have an unbiased opinion of your Daddy, and so forth.  I want you to know that your Daddy is not the man that you've been told he is.  You haven't seen me in years, even though I have been looking for you, I have been prevented from finding you.  Private investigators cost a lot of money, money that I don't have.

Well, you need to know that Daddy is still around and he's trying everything humanly possible to make this situation right.  I told you a long time ago, and I'm telling you again; all three of you children have good brains and all the potential in the world to grow up to become rational adults, and you don't have to judge Daddy by what anyone else says.  You have your own two eyes and your own two ears (that's why you were stolen from your father), and you've seen what kind of guy I am.  And you can come and see me again, and see what kind of man I am again.

There's going to be a time in your life, although you've been made to feel angry and hateful toward Daddy, that you are going to wake up to an understanding of how you've been manipulated and controlled.  It may be at a time when you've been rejected by you-know-who, at a time when you don't feel like being controlled any more, and your being put under pressure to conform to someone else's standards.  It may be at a time when so-called friends and family members are telling you things like "you're worthless" or "you're a leach."  You may feel like there is no place to go to get away from people who are riding you.

Karen and I have made our home a place of peace, a place where no one is ever hated or treated hatefully.  It is a place of rationality and a place where God is the head of the household.  God runs a loving house.  God runs an understanding house.  God runs a house of forgiving.  God runs a house of reconciliation and reunion.  Our primary rules are on a large wooden plaque above the kitchen door, "Live, Laugh, Love."

No, it didn't hurt... much!

Making life worth living for someone else.  That's what we're put here for.  I'm not talking about materially, I'm talking about spiritually.

If we work all our lives, busy ourselves with only that which profits us materially, then what do we have after we die?  We would go from day to day like ants, or machines, not enjoying life, just living but not feeling alive.

I just want you guys to know that what I have done here in Virginia is to find people who love others unconditionally.  The social Darwinism that is so prevalent in our society doesn't touch them.  I've been able to surround myself with this kind of family and friends.  If you make a mistake, they don't jump down your throat.  If you disappoint, they forgive instead of nagging you to death.  And they have some fun.

Without these spiritual requirements, this soulful nutrition, your heart may pump blood and your lungs may breath air, but your not really alive.  As Jesus said, it's life of the spirit that really counts.  You've got to stop and smell the roses sometimes.  You've got to take the time for prayer and meditation and you've got to take the time to share things of the spirit with others.  Otherwise, you're just a walking corpse.

I know that these allegories may be difficult for you to understand now, but with age comes experience and, hopefully, wisdom.

Knowledge is about facts and figures.  It's souless data.  Wisdom pertains to how you use that data.  Perhaps a teenage boy has the knowledge required to build an atom bomb in his garage, but does he have the wisdom notto?

When I was your age, I thought I knew everything.  I thought I knew how to run the world.  Almost everyone goes through that phase.  Thank God I have more wisdom now, at least enough wisdom to admit that I don't know it all, at least enough to know that I am still growing in wisdom and always will be.

At my grandparents' grave.




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