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We are the Premiere UK helo squadron and fly COMANCHE, APACHE, HAVOC and HOKUM choppers from Razorworks Enemy Engaged series.

This unit dedicated to flying as many sorties as possible. Be it mission based or just a practice session the 227th VAHS performs as a real squadron would, to the best of its ability.

Members are not limited to the UK as we have a strong set of pilots from around the globe who benefit from a multi-national flightgroup. Missions are based around the GMT timezone, although flights are scheduled according to the pilots locations.

Are numbers are growing with EECH becoming ever popular. There are other squadrons we have flown against in the past such as the RAF. Flights against a real opponent are always the best reason for online simulations and we are no different. We will strive to help pilots get closer to that coveted 'Combat Ready' status, after which anything is possible. Once you have your wings, every flight is open to you.

Check out the schedule and fill in an aplication form to become part of the 227th VAHS squadron!




Our unit patch, STEEL BIRDS are the FIRST TO FIRE unit of the 'First Cavalry Division' which forms part of the '160th COMBINED FORCES COMMAND'. Not only EEAH / EECH is catered for but all other major simulations including Land Warrior, Falcon 4.0, CFS2 and more. Missions are co-ordinated as a campaign to allow for a multi-faceted strategy when deploying forces. To check this out further go to our 'Pilots Briefing Room' (PBR) there is a public area where you can ask questions and find information.

All this and more is accessible through this website. If you wish to submit an application to the 227th VAHS then click on Roster. Here you can view the full compliment of pilots, there rank, flight record, commendations, KIAs..etc...

We also use 'Voice over Net' communication which brings the realism even closer. With rank comes authority and responsibility. If you are promoted, you take charge of the other pilots (wingmen) during sorties.