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Care for the elders and poor
For Singaporeans and permanent residents that has been jobless for a period of time and need help seeking job or needing assistance for skill upgrading, financial assistance, they can also approach Community Development Council.

You may need to approach the appropriate council taking care of your district.

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Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to help the needy, poor, sick and elderly.

It has a kidney dialysis centre, a halfway house for ex-addicts, a family service centre to assist families with difficulty, a home for the aged, free health clinic and provide the service of delivery of food and meals to needy families through the volunteers helping out.

The Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple (or otherwise known as the Bright Hill Temple) provides 3 free meals (strictly vegetarian) daily at their dinning hall.

Probably the buddhist monks at the temple believes that no one should be deprived of food.

Daily at around lunch or dinner time, there will be volunteers who will be there to help hand out serving of vegetarian meals to anyone that approaches them. The meals are provided to the poor that are residing in the area, not neccessary to be a devotee, in fact no question is asked. There are many of those there that are regular and familiar with the volunteers that may not be staying anywhere nearby but took the trouble to walk to the temple daily for their meals.

Address of the temple ; Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple Central Singapore. Address: 88 Bright Hill Drive Commonly known as The Bright Hill Temple, the Phor Kark See Temple, is the largest temple complex in Singapore encompassing some 9 hectares (18 acres). Definitely worth visiting if for nothing else than it's sheer size, the temple features beautiful Chinese pagodas replete with dragons, birds and other exquisite decorations, Buddhist library, large turtle pool and huge crematorium.
Public Transport: From Bishan MRT take the SBS bus 130 north on Victoria Street or take a taxi.

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