to the Library

     On an old oak table, in large dim candle-lit room, lies a large, thick leather bound book. Curious, you step towards it and open the cover. The thick layer of dust it had collected over the years falls from the cover onto the table.
      As if mesmerized, you flip through more and more of the pages, finally realising that this book is a collection of stories from long ago. Not just any stories, though, it says that these stories were gathered by a young woman who supposedly traveled dimentions! But different dimentions and alternate realities didn't really exhist, did they?
      From the corner of your eye, you notice a large cozy-looking chair that you could have sworn wasn't there before. But, it looks so inviting and cushioney that you just have to take the book and sit down in it. You open the book again, and come to the table of contents. On the top of the page, it reads;
Pick a Story

Hook vs. Pan
DBZ: The Past Never Dies