Casualties to Rhymester's Army
As you all may recall Rhymester claimed this innocent teddy bear was a spy of his.  We caught up with him shortly after his escape.  Vaknso was heard to say, "Knight Schliemann, get that teddy."
This little Teddy is good.  He escaped from our first attack, but he didn't plan on our sub waiting for him.  Thanks to our sub, RedHotTed is chasing fishys in Teddy Bear Heaven.
Despite rumors that Red Hot Ted is still now know the truth.  My Knights dove down to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay to take the picture on the left.  All that was left of Red Hot Ted when the shark got done with him was his head, which my knights are now using as a bowling ball.
Rhymester is good.  The pic on the left is one that he posted on his website.
One of my special agents returned from Rhymester's camp this morning with the original picture.  See right.
Apparently he is not capable of regenerating parts, rather he was a cloning error.
King Vaknso allows the evil Rhymester to retreive his fallen troops.  Body count is undetermined as yet.  Rhymester requestes an unimaginably large amount of body bags.
Much Thanks to Knight Schliemann for pointing out the Chief of Rhymester's army.  If not for you he may have survived to play another day.
Princess Tara (MommyoftwoJPs)