Val's Cross-Stitch Pattern Freebies - Frog

I have been amazed by the availability of free cross-stitch charts on the internet in the past few years. This is my small contribution!

Please do not kit or sell these patterns in any form. They are for your personal use only.

To save individual patterns and colour keys:
Right-click, and "Save Picture As..." to your desired desktop folder.

To save complete page: Left-click onto "File" and "Save As" a "Web Archive, single file."

To print: Press "Ctrl+P" or left-click print under "File."

"Frog" designed by Val Campbell
43 wide x 33 high

This free chart is not to be kitted or sold.

This free chart is not to be kitted or sold.

These patterns were created using Stitch, a free computer program for making cross-stitch designs!

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