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Our Randall  Family Ancestry
By S.M. Randall-Friday
We have had accounts at Geocities that date back to when Geocities first began, and before they decided to merge with Yahoo. It was a great disappointment to a lot of people when Geocities merged with Yahoo, because a lot of our websites were lost.

Needless to say, many of us stuck with Geocities, and continued to put up with their aggrevating advertisements down the side of our pages, as well as all the problems and glitches we have had to tolerate over the years.

Now, after all these years of advertising for Geocities/ Yahoo at no charge, we are basically being told to piss off. That's right, Yahoo Geocities has informed all their free account users, that as of this October 2009, your accounts/ websites will be deleted and will vanish from Geocities. So, if you want to get your webpages/ graphics, then you had better hurry before they are deleted!

There are still plenty of free website host on the net, and that are by far preferable to geocities.  Personally we say, Goodbye to Yahoo Geocities, and good riddence. The same way we did to all our Yahoo emails accounts some years ago!     

In future, you will be able to find our websites via the
RF Enterprises Business Group

Bye-Bye Geocities!!!