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a few personal stuff about me:

My name is, obviously, Nassos Valakas and I live in Athens since I was shown the light, that was on the 16th May 1977. For the time being, I'm studying at Queen Mary, University of London, doing an MSc. in Information Technology. Well, as far as my family status is concerned, I have a twin brother called Costas and an older one whose name is Antonis. My mother's name is Machi and my father's, who unfortunatelly passed away back in 1982, was Lefteris. As far as my marital status is concerned, I am engaged to a very beautiful and incredible woman, whose name is Rania.
As I have already said, I was born in Athens but my origins stem from Panormos, a village on the northern part of Tinos Island.

This is a temporary form of my homepage, there will be soon sections with photos, bio and professional information about me. Here is a photo of me and my beloved:

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