Rock Art in the Alps - Valcamonica Rock Art

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Valcamonica is a valley in the Italian central Alps, almost two hours by car from Milan. Its name took origin from a pre-Indo-European people named Camunni, conquered by Rome in 16 BC.

Hundreds of thousands of figures are present in Valcamonica Rock Art, one of the richest open-air engraved areas in Europe.

Here you can take a virtual visit to Valcamonica: you can start by taking a look to some figures and scenes, then to the most important sites, soon after trying to understand the different prehistoric phases and styles. And more many detailed records are available from the euroPreArt database.

Finally some notes about Naquane, the astonishing National Park of engraved rocks at Capo di Ponte, will be useful for your trip, virtual or may be real….

  1. Valcamonica Rock Art sites
  2. Valcamonica Rock Art periods
  3. Naquane national park
  4. Valcamonica chronology
  5. A book about Paspardo Rock Art
  6. Warriors and Iron Age duels in Valcamonica rock art (Tracce photogallery)
50 Valcamonica Rock Art records from the EuroPreArt database :

North Italy



Some figures and scenes (click to open)

1.Daggers on Borno  boulder
 n. 4 (Copper Age)

2. Man and sun
  on Ossimo boulder n. 8 (Copper Age)

3. Huts on Naquane rock
   n. 35 (Iron Age)

4. Deer and dog on Naquane
   rock n. 1 (Iron Age)

5. Two warriors fighting on Naquane
   rock n. 35 (Iron Age)

6. Warrior standing on a horse
  on Naquane rock n. 1 (Iron Age)

7. Deer hit by a spear and bitten
   by a dog on Naquane rock n. 1
(Iron Age)

8. Naquane national Park panel
of Rock n. 23 (Iron Age)

9. Horse on Naquane
   rock n. 1 (Iron Age)

10. Crowned figure on Cemmo 3
   boulder (Copper Age)
11. Deers and dogs on Naquane
   rock 1 (Iron Age)

12. Topographic engraving
   at Le Crus
   (Neolithic - first Copper Age)

13. Chamois on Ossimo
    boulder no. 8 (Copper Age)

14. Deer on Ossimo boulder
    no. 7 (Copper Age)

15. Dagger on Borno 5
   boulder (Bronze Age)

16. Orthogonal schematic
    antropomorphic figures on
    Naquane rock no. 50 (Bronze Age)

17. Loom on Naquane
    rock no. 1 (Iron Age)

18. "Small-shovels"
on Naquane rock no. 1 (Iron Age)

19. Topographic representation
on the so called Bedolina map
    (middle-late Iron Age)

20. Big warrior on Paspardo in Valle
    rock 4 (Iron Age)

These pictures are not available for any commercial use. Please contact us (photo AA, Footsteps of Man)