A Colon Hygiene Program is Good Health Maintenance

My major interest is in natural, preventive, holistic health modalities, in particular colon hydrotherapy. Since completing my training in this field, I have been working as a colon therapist with a naturopathic doctor and his wife, who is his nurse and also a colon therapist.

I'll be adding more information here in the future, along with links to some of the other good web sites I have come across. Please send me links to any web sites addressing colon health that you think I should add.

Colon Hygiene is for the Entire Family

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

How to give yourself a safe, effective, and comfortable enema

A Parents Guide to Colon Health for Children, by Catherine Cavanaugh, R.N.

The Role of Colon Cleansing in a Natural Treatment Program for the ADD/ADHD Child

Why the establishment medical monopoly downplays the importance of colon cleansing

A tribute to Princess Diana on the fifth anniversary of her untimely death

Princess Diana was the worlds most influential advocate for colon cleansing. The following articles describe her commitment to the benefits of colon hydrotherpy.

Do your colon a favor, give it a bath!

Find a colon therapist near you

Sheila Shea's Intestinal Health and Colon Hydrotherapy page

Colonic Irrigation by Olivia Kappel

Taking a Comfortable Enema©

Quality enema equipment from NaturalMom.com

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