Old Point Comfort Lighthouse

Located at Fort Monroe in the City of Hampton

[Old Point Comfort]


This lighthouse overlooks the entrance of Hampton Roads and is the second oldest on the Chesapeake. Built in 1802, the lighthouse is a 54-foot octagonal stone tower. The staircase inside is completely made up of stone. It was automated in January 1973 and has a 12 second flashing light with red and white sectors. The keeper's house is currently a private residence. British troops briefly captured the lighthouse and used it as a watch tower during the War of 1812. The lighthouse once had a fog bell. The lighthouse is operated by the U.S. Coast Guard and is not open to the public, but it can be viewed from the street.

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Fort Monroe is an early 19th century stone-walled fortress surrounded by a moat. It is the largest ever built in the U.S. The fort is still an active Army base but visitors are encouraged to visit the Casemate Museum inside the fortress and take a 90 minute walking tour around the fort. But remember that several sites on the tour are located at or near residences and offices. Please respect their privacy and work environment.

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Casemate Museum: (757) 727-3391 (free admission)


While you are here, go to the boardwalk and take a look towards the Bay. You are able to see the Thimble Shoal lighthouse in the distance, and the beacon closer to shore.

1991 USGS Satellite image of the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse
(hard to find, but it is there)
courtesy of Microsoft TerraServer


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