Stingray Point Lighthouse


Located at Stingray Point Marina
near Deltaville in Middlesex County


One of Virginia's newest lighthouses, this is actually a replica of the original lighthouse that was located nearby in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. This lighthouse was built using the blueprints from the original and was completed in 2003. It serves as the office for the Stingray Point Marina. Items included in the construction are a fifth order Fresnel lens, a 1942 Coast Guard fog bell, 1880 bell-striking machine, and a pot-bellied wood stove.

Stingray Point Marina

The original lighthouse was once located in the Chesapeake Bay east of the southern tip of land at the entrance to the Rappahannock River. It was a hexagonal screwpile built in 1858. It had become automated shortly before being dismantled in 1965. The point of land here got its name from Captain John Smith, founder of Jamestown, who was stung by a stingray near here. The current light is an automatic beacon that was erected on the original screwpile foundation. It is 34-feet high and has a 4-second flash.



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