Wolf Trap Lighthouse

Located in the Chesapeake Bay northeast of Horn Harbor
offshore from Mathews County

[Wolf Trap]

This lighthouse entered service on September 20, 1894. It is a red 54-foot tower with a brick two-story octagonal keeper's quarters and sits on a caisson. It was automated in 1971 and its 15 second flashing 18,000-candlepower white light still serves as an active aid to navigation. It is interesting to note that this light is nearly identical to Smith Point. The main difference is the color. The Coast Guard has auctioned off some of Virginia's lighthouses in 2005. This lighthouse was sold at auction to Nick Korstad of North Plains, Oregon for $75,000. Although it is now in private hands, the USCG will continue to maintain the light apparatus.

HMS Wolfe was stranded on a shoal here in 1691 for three months. In 1821 a lightship was stationed here but was destroyed by Confederates in 1861. A hexagonal screwpile lighthouse was completed on October 1, 1870. But on January 22, 1893 it was destroyed by moving ice. The next day a revenue (Coast Guard) cutter found the lighthouse near Thimble Shoal, 20 miles south. Another lightship served here until the current lighthouse was built.

If you don't have access to a boat, it can be viewed from shore (well, sort of).


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