Antonio Luna was immediately suspected of being a "filibustero"and was arrested soon after the outbreak of hostilities between the Katipunan and the Spanish forces. Luna was deported to Spain and imprisoned in the Carcel Modelo de Madrid. Through the help of Juan Luna, his brother the painter, he proceeded to Ghent, Belgium and studied military science. Luna's active participation in the revolution was during the Philippine-American. Luna was appointed Director of War on September 26, 1898, but he was too brave and too skilled in military tactics that he posed a threat to the ambitions of those close to the seat of power. At the age of 31, Luna was dead; assassinated by treacherous men who saw him as a rival.

In May 1899, General Luna sent a patrol to Benguet to find a site for guerilla activities against the Americans. On June 4, 1899, he received telegram from Gen Emilio Aguinaldo ordering him to go to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija for a conference. He left at once with his aide, Col. Paco Roman, but when they arrived at Aguinaldo's headquarters in Cabanatuan, they learned that he had left for Pampanga. While going down the stairs of the headquarters, his body was riddled his body with bullets while others stabbed him. The assassins were the same men that he had punished for violating discipline at the battle at Caloocan. He fired blindly with his pistol while shouting "Cowards and assassins! Coward Cavitenios!" Col. Paco Roman rushed to his aid but was shot dead a few meters away from him.

Luna had vowed to his men, "I will defend my country until I exhaust the last recourse for the cause... thus complying with my oath to the flag." Like Bonifacio and Jacinto, Luna died too soon to keep his oath. Luna was born October 29, 1869 in Urbiztondo, Manila to Joaquin Luna de San Pedro and Laurena Novicio, and died June 5, 1899 in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. It is said that his brother Juan Luna, the renowned painter of 'La Spoliarium' died because of extreme disappointment and intense grief shortly after learning that his youngest brother was assassinated.

Antonio Luna began his studies in pharmacy at the Univerity of Santo Tomas, but finished it in Barcelona, Spain; obtained his degree in Medicine at the Central University of Madrid, and studied further in France and Belgium.
He wrote in La Solidaridad under the Nom de Plume "
Taga-Ilog" and managed the paper La Independencia.

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