My Hot Links

Hey ya'll! This is my hot links page (as you can see)!! I will be continuing to add more links as I come across more cool sites! If you have a website you'd like me to add, just email me the address and I'll look it over. I have tons of Christian band links in the MUSIC section of the site if that is what you are looking for. This is an awesome site that is focused around the Bible teaching radio program "Walk in the Word" heard daily on radios across North America. Dr. James MacDonald is an inspiring preacher, he's my favorite preacher and has taught me so much, I've grown greatly in my faith from his teaching. DEFINATELY check this site out, you can download his audio sermons for free on the site or order them! He also has daily devotionals. Starfield is an amazing band! They're my fave! :o) Check out what they're all about! A great site if your a PK(pastor's kid) like me to talk with, encourage, and relate to one another. Everyone can check it out! This is Chris's site of INSPIRATION! :o) It's very cool, check it out, he's got short stories, riddles, poems, great links, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Go check him out! :o) This is a really cool place to find out about tons of Christian music! Girls if you like the Brio Magazine this is the place for you! If your interested in poetry or a poet yourself this is a cool place to get your stuff on the web and to see other poets work!

musicforce.comThis is a cool site where you can buy music and view cd's and stuff! This is a Christian site, go and check out all of their new stuff! We've all heard about, well, at least seen the WWJD bracelets well now, here's there web site! An awesome sight for Christian Teens you should definately check it out! Check this out! An awesome site for music and all sorts of other cool stuff! You gotta check this site out, they have sooo much stuff, to many things to name! They have tons of other awesome Christian links also!

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