What is a Raptgbil 9033?

Raptgbil is short for RadioPersonTerrängBil (RadioPersonelOffroadVehicle) and is a special model of the more common Pltgbil 903 (PersonLastTerrängBil or PersonelCargoOffroadVehicle) - better known in Sweden as the "Valp" ("Puppy"). The primary difference between the 903 and the 9033 is the 24 V electrical system, a necessity to be able to power-supply the extensive radio-equipment. 

Military designation Civilian designation Distinguishing features
Pltgbil 903 Volvo L3314 SU Open with soft-top
Pltgbil 903 B Volvo L3314 HT Hard-top, vinch
Pvpjtgbil 9031 Volvo L3304 Open with roll-cage, anti-tank gun behind driver/passenger
Pvrbtgbil 9032 Volvo L3314 Open with soft-top, 6 anti-tank missiles i rear compartment
Raptgbil 9033 Volvo L3315 Hard-top, 24 V electrical system, radio-equipped
Pltgbil 9034 Volvo L3315 Hard-top, 24 V electrical system. Special sort of 903 B

To the best of my knowledge the 903 and the 903 B was manufactured from 1961 to circa 1966. Production of the 9033 began 1967 and most vehicles are made that year. It seems that the need for the more universal 903 B arised again so Volvo removed most 9033 features (see below) and voilà, the 9034 was born, most common ans 1969 model. The 9031 was made during the early years of the 60's and the 9032 (probably) during the later half of the decade. Note that the 9032 was built on a pickup chassie, not on an ordinary 903 chassie.

Some other features present on the 9033 but not on the 903:

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Updated 2000-11-14