Based on a true story

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux
Donald Gibb as Ray Jackson
Leah Ayres as Janice
Forest Whitaker as Rawlins
Bolo Yeung as Chong Li

Cannon International presents
A Newt Arnold Film
A Mark DiSalle production

Story by
Sheldon Lettich

Directed by
Newt Arnold

Special training to Mr. Van Damme courtesy of Frank Dux

The Plot
Bloodsport brings us true events in the life of Frank W. Dux. It begins where many of the fighters are preparing for the Kumite, a full-contact fighting tournament. We see an abundance of great fighters, then comes across Frank Dux. Dux, taking a leave of absence from the U.S. millitary to fight in the Kumite, training in the millitary gymnasium then mysteriously disappears from the eyes of the millitary. Now, paying his last respects, Dux visits the man who gave him the great fighting skills in which he possesses now, Shedushi Senso Tanaka ('shedushi' means 'sensei' in japanese). Flashbacks enter Dux's mind of how all his training began and how it almost ended when Tanaka's son, Shingo, died. Finally, we meet Shedushi Tanaka, an old man now lying on his deathbed. Tanaka, giving Dux some last minute encouragement, wishes Dux the best of luck in the Kumite.
In Hong Kong...
For the first time, Dux informally meets Ray Jackson. He sees Ray trying to pick up a chinese woman but obviously taking the wrong aproach to it. But none-the-less, Dux will remember him.
At The Hotel...
Dux runs into Ray again, this time while Ray is playing a video game. Ray, obviously losing the game, challenges Dux to a game. He accepts. Three consecutive wins later for Dux, they each find that both of them are fighting in the Kumite and formally introduce themselves to each other and eventually become good friends. At the check-in counter, Dux and Ray meet Mr. Lin, their personnal guide to the Kumite, courtesy of the International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA). Lin brings them to the area where the Kumite is being held: an arena-type place hidden deep underground downtown Hong Kong. Here, they are to qualify for the Kumite. Dux, representing his Shedushi Tanaka, demostrates the DIM-MAK ('DIM-MAK' is japanese for 'death touch'). This is the classic scene of Jean-Claude's career. They honor his inviation.
Back At The Hotel...
A reporter, Janice, is trying to get a story of the Kumite and tries to interview a fighter. But this fighter just wants some sweet action, you know, he wants to do the horizontal polka. But Dux and Ray see this happening and Dux makes a deal with this guy: Dux places a coin in his hand and tries to grab it before he closes his hand. If he does, Dux gets the girl, if not, Dux leaves them alone. Well, Dux not only grabs the coin, but places another one in his hand. Holy Shit.
Dux is in his room, preparing for the Kumite, meditating while doing the splits on two chairs. Then Ray walks in, "That hurs me just lookin' at it," he replies. "Kumite express leaves in five minutes. Are you ready?" he continues. Frank opens his eyes and replies, "I am ready."
At The Kumite...
After a brief demonstration, the fighter gets underway.
After a flurry of fighting and a taste of the "Bloosport" soundtrack, day one of the Kumite is finished. So, Dux goes back to the hotel, had dinner with Janice the reporter and then does the horizontal polka.
Day Two...
Back at the arena, before the fighting starts, we get a taste of Ray's DIM-MAK. It doesn't go too well, so then we see just how hard his head is when he busts a brick over his forehead. Ouchie. Now the fighting starts and, once again, a flurry of fighting involving blood and broken bones. Not to mention Ray getting sent to the hospital by Chong Li, the current champ. We also get a taste of more of the "Bloodsport" soundtrack.
Day Three - The Finals...
The fighting continues with Dux winning all his matches and advancing to the final match along with Chong Li who just killed one of his opponents to make it to the final.
Now, Frank Dux vs. Chong Li.
Frank starts out dominating, makes a few mistakes here and there but still continues to be in good shape. That is until Chong Li tosses some powder-shit in Dux's eyes, causing him to temporarily go blind. Dux must now remember his training to gather the strength and courage it will take to win the match, blind. With a couple of high flying kicks, Dux puts Chong Li in a neck-breakable hold and forces Chong Li to quit. He did it in 7 minutes 4.08 seconds. Beat that Jackie Chan.

This motion picture is based upon true events in the life of Frank W. Dux.
From 1975 to 1980, Frank W. Dux fought 329 matches. He retired undefeated as the World Heavy Weight Full Contact Kumite Champion.
Mr. Dux still holds four world records:
Fastest knockout - 3.2 seconds
Fastest punch with a knockout - .12 seconds
Fastest kick with a knockout - 72 mph
Most constecutive knockouts in a single tournament - 56.
Subsequently, Mr. Dux founded the first American Ninjitsu System, Dux-Ryu.
Frank Dux was also the first person from the western hemisphere to win the Kumite.

music and lyrics by SHANDI and PAUL HERTZOG
performed by STAN BUSH
Stan Bush appears courtesy of SCOTTI BORTHERS/EPIC RECORDS

music and lyrics by SHANDI and PAUL HERTZOG
performed by STAN BUSH
Stan Bush appears courtesy of SCOTTI BORTHERS/EPIC RECORDS

written, produced, and performed by MICHAEL BISHOP.