Character Profile




NAME:                        Put the character’s full name first, last, and any nicknames that he goes by.



BIOGRAPHY:             Write a description of the character’s life—past and present. Where was he born, how was his family life has his past affected him in any way? What does he do now? Who are his friends and where does he live?



AGE:                            If you don’t know the exact age of the character, make a reasonable guess. 



BODY TYPE:              Is he wiry and agile, or does he work out and his body is the proof? Remember that thin and skinny can bring up to different images and maybe he’s small-boned but sturdy.



EYES:                          Be specific about the color. Ice blue creates a different character than sky blue. And what is the look in the eyes is it hard? Nervous? Or does it have a twinkle?



FACE & HAIR:           This along with BODY TYPE will help create a better visual image of the character.



STYLE:                        What type of clothing does he usually wear? Is he preppy, or more relaxed?



DEMEANOR:             This is how the character generally acts and comes across to other people. Some people are just generally easy-going, taking life as it comes while others are uptight and always looking for a fight.



BEST QUALITIES:     List three or four of the character’s best qualities.



WORST QUALITIES: Even the good guy has a few faults. What are this character’s?



STRENGTHS:             What main strength(s) is evident in this character’s make-up?  What sets him above and beyond other characters?



WEAKNESSES:         What is the main weakness in this character’s make-up? What is his Achilles heel?



HOBBIES:                   What activities is this character involved in?  Does he belong to clubs, sports, etc.?  Does he have a job?



TALENTS:                  Is she an expert in any particular field(s)?



DEVELOPMENT:       How has the character grown, evolved, changed, etc. throughout the story?



RELATIONSHIPS:     How does the character interact with and affect other characters?