Vocabulary Terms for A Separate Peace



Directions:  Provide a contextually based original definition that directly refers to the story for (at least) each of the underlined vocabulary terms below.  Used a dictionary for help defining a word, but do not rely on the dictionary definition entirely.













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10 words are used in an original paragraph—part of speech may be changed

5 words are used in original sentences—must use word correctly







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Chapter One:


sedate, perpendicular, strait-laced, varnish, preservation, tacit, vibrantly, considerate, clarity, unhinged, accompaniment, modernizations, capacious, forbidding, elegant, cupola, convalescence, asserted, “contentious harmony,” ell, ramshackle, salient, forlorn, enormous, detectable, trudge, bleakly, artillery, pigmies, intimidating, equivalent, hypnotist, cinch, smirk, droll, protruding, sarcastically, prodigious, inveigle, groveling, accelerated, consternation, rhetorically, insulated, cordial, penetrating, reverberant, inanimate, seigneurs, serenely, matriarchal, genially, deigning, counterattack, extrasensory, collaborator, intelligible.


Chapter Two:


scatterbrained, eloquence, sternness, novel, momentarily, unregulated, “draftable,” modifying, chronic, uncoil, tolerance, commendable, ignorance, truant, indulgent, preoccupied, clamoring, emblem, envying, conservatory, barbaric, teetering, inane, temperamental, guillotine, illogical, indignant, conniver, anonymous.


Chapter Three:


abstractedly, venerable, entrenched, institution, catacomb, secret societies, initiate, perilous, inspiration, anarchy, haphazard, dictates, maneuverability, strait jacket, anguish, calisthenics, infiltrated, cordial, optimistically, sensually, improvised, insidious, shuttlecock, contaminated, distastefully, “blitzkrieg baseball,” adversaries, disentangled, perimeter, unconsciously, mass hypnotism, formidable, sensationally, fragments, unpatriotic, prevailing, tremendous, loyalty, preparatory, stance, dominating, subdued, inebriating, glamour, mediocre, outrageous, forbidden, expulsion, entertained, conventional, ceremoniously, accumulating, adventurous, intoxicated, honky-tonks, monologue.    


Chapter Four:


gorgeous, fanfare, mordantly, Lazarus, valedictorian, curlicue, discern, detonation, amid, devastation, despairingly, obliterated, solace, sustaining, enmity, bleakly, deliberately, insistence, diversions, calculated, rivalry, exceptional, genuineness, fascinated, indiscriminately, scholastically, slouched, philosophical, comprehension, singularity, bouts, redoubled, treachery, affection, effulgence, paganism, intolerable, splendors, half-denuded, gaunt, elaborate, resignation, disapprovingly, dimensions, loitering, exuberantly, listlessly, undulation.


Chapter Five:


cordovan, nobleman, grandee, aristocrat, triumphant, recessional, haltingly, reverberating, denounce, amiably, infirmary, amputate, ajar, transfixed, threshold, diminished, visionary, flinched, delirious, formulating, commandment, Decalogue, competitors, ludicrous, irresolutely, reverie, erratic, prestige, dismal, invalid, upholstered, compromise, righteous.


Chapter Six:


stopgap, sultriness, apse, tedious, ceaseless, speculation, seersucker, imposter, continuity, keynote, truancy, wayward, vindicated, idiosyncratic, eccentric, emissaries, ordinarily, exaltation, transfigured, compensations, aligned, immersions, transcended, infinitesimal, unimaginable, turbid, extremities, sinecure, bantam, indignant, conviction, assertiveness, automaton, systematically, humiliations, sympathized, goaded, egotism, arrogance, ignorant, maimed, realization, catapulted, dousing, skirmish, clammily, squall, fragile, conceal, stealthily, cloudburst, mishap, dispensation, deliverance, dismissingly, contraption, favorable, stuttering, dumfoundment, grimacing, obsessed, stupefaction, incoherent.


Chapter Seven:


beaming, preparatory, gabardine, idiosyncratic, derision, solitary, genially, confidingly, congratulating, impinge, grudged, efficiency, extroverts, mutilated, insinuating, rankest, fratricide, galvanized, arsenic, contretemps, conspiratorial, obscene, implausibility, reconstruct, pried, insinuated, theatrically, quadrangle, emphatically, paralyzed, differentiate, tentative, improbable, burlesque, locomotion, inquiring, interference, toiling, drab, immobilized, unvarying, recruits, elite, converging, dispiritedly, enlistment, futility, elaborated, contemptuously, sabotage, interned, rhythmically, feebly, mystification, elaborately, ironies, misbegotten, decisive, impulsively, unexplainable, conventional, dexterity, virtuoso, khaki, advantageous, reservations, unsentimental, zestfully, illuminating, encumbrance, provocation. 


Chapter Eight:


indignant, clodhoppers, absorption, topical, ambiguously, invalid, accenting, sacrifice, unselfishness, luxury, rhetorical questions, overindignant, veered, catastrophic, insinuations, senatorial, moccasins, aggressively, Elliot Roosevelt, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Yellow Peril, appalled, flu epidemic, inevitable, abbreviation, congealed, bequest, peculiar, opulent, sobriety, reticent, adornment, permissible, extravaganza, Pompadour, splendor, chandeliers, bric-a-brac, vençal, rococo, treacherous, whimsical, gaits, ambles, waddles, exertion, phantom, conjugating, involuntary, tremors, aphorisms, pungent, predominated, paraffin, liniment, preeminently, poignance, descent, pivoted, Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, grotesque, noncommittal, sustenance, self-deprivation, patriarchal, circuits, rackingly, cranium, exerting, accession, buoyed, oppressed, entanglements, abashed, sententiousness, Waterloo, gullible.


Chapter Nine:


vagaries, herringboned, earnestly, perishes, queried, unemphatically, liaison, humblest, novelty, undernourished, vitality, conqueror, desolation, recedes, enfeebled, melodic, decisive, sequence, withdrawals, undergone, multifariously, civilian, underprivileged, good Samaritan, confraternity, baritone, irresponsibility, discretionary fund, benevolent, garrison, disillusioned, nonfunctional, brooding, rebel, cider, appendicitis, illegal, competitiveness, superhuman, exertions, insistence, duress, proviso, dignity, cacophony, obliging, considerate, accolade, stampede, cataloguing, invulnerability, perceptibly, mesmerized, vaguely, straddling, perimeter, scramble, contenders, pulsate, hilarity, receding, inflammable, enlightenment, marring, demonstration, choreography of peace, decathlon, abstraction of speed, egotism, conjured, surpass, liberation, encroachments, concocted, momentary, illusory, hilariously.



Chapter Ten:


monotonous, ricochet, culminate, outmoded, underpopulated, suicidally-defended, holocaust, draughty, decipher, indestructibly, aesthete, angularity, preliminaries, involuntary, fervently, irrelevant, superficial, furlough, desertion, querulous, psycho, Section Eight Discharge, savage, objectively, abundant, aflame, modulated, amounted, patchwork, splendor, illusion, exaggerated, rejoinder, speculatively, exposure, despairing, toiling, irregular, blotches, billowed, Mess Hall, amputation.


Chapter Eleven:


Olympian, primevally, approximately, terminus, peninsula, austere, inveigled, preposterous, dramatically, urgent, pantomime, tacit, offhand, ammunition, engulfed, vitality, corduroy, veered, loyalties, generalship, eunuch, Hitler Youth, barefaced lie, infantile, momentum, deluded, ironic, fantasies, systematically, corralled, civilian, strained hospitality, latent, awkward, fortitude, alliance, self-preserving, vestibule, indiscriminately, wafted, tempo, incredulously, involuntarily, ruefully, gigantic, binge, parson, analyst, antics, cohorts, culminating, flourish, balustrade, masquerade, perplexed, torpidly, opaque, anonymous, theatrical, acoustics, surmise, urbane,  semiserious, constricted, self-evident, inevitable, timbre, collective, assent, contemptuous, Justice incarnate, obstinate, competitive, inquiring, exasperated, reluctantly, deranged, infraction, indecisive, elaborately, subsided, guileful, implicate.


Chapter Twelve:


illumination, reverberance, conscious, presence of mind, foyer, stricken pontiff, desolating, incongruity, irreconcilably, conversationally, receded, materialized, obedience, idly, monotonously, maladjustments, constellation, differentiated, expulsion, decrepit Devon endeavor, exhaustedly, erratic, laboriously, undulations, bespoke, thronging, epic, grandeur, superficial, impervious, figment, spellbound, inevitable, mishaps, accelerating, animosity, exhilaration, parody, languid, precariously, detachment, enlightened, anesthesia, alluded, pungent, opponent, executed, modified, patrolling, habitually, amid, unreasonably, incomprehensible, penetrated.


Chapter Thirteen:     


fabled, musterings, predecessors, alumnus, benefactress, scholasticism, architecturally, bellicose-looking, consultation, reprieve, cogitation, urgency, cordiality, portliness, foxhole, amphibious, prosperous, aroma, apologetically, shortcomings, malarkey, disillusionment, unrecognizable, punctuated, morale, reservations, assimilate, overwhelmingly, simplicity, vigor, confidence, serene, harmonious, unity, forlornly, regimentation, qualms, Maginot Lines.