Varnamala : Contemporary Oriya Poetry




Upon your beach  
now I stand as an exile  
a loving and doleful soul.  

I have a mind  
that's pale and poisoned.  
I have a heart  
that's torn and bleeding.  
I have a conscience  
that's complex and bitten.  

But, my dear,  
in the looks of your loving azure eyes  
in a single kiss on your passionate cheeks  
I shall get back  
my primaeval mind, heart and conscience,  
and my marine soul.  

Can you offer me these ?  
But I hear in your trembling voice  
a broken and doleful tune.  
They have taken away  
by churning, vexing and plundering  
they have pinched away  
the fragrance of your rich elegance.  
Well, let them take these away.  
Let them appear bright and godly  
in your illumination.  

I am a lover of ugliness,  
of scandal and lethal poison.  
I am a mysterious adept  
of death and graveyard,  
of all-devouring Time.  
In your drinking bowl  
if you have left the lees  
of stain, scandal and venom,  
give these to me, I pray  
give me now.  
I want to drain away from your cheeks  
all that's insinuating  
sinful and venomous.  

In my nerves and veins  
in each drop of my blood  
for you only  
my thirst :  
quenched and unquenched.  

My darling,  
just in one kiss only  
I shall dry up  
all the agony  
of your briny soul.  

Translation :
Rajkishore Mishra  

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