Varnamala : Contemporary Oriya Poetry




Emperor !  
when you command  
the grey and serene earth shivers  
the stars and planets  
silently like balls  
here and there  
in the empty space.  

The sky is throbbing  
with the chorus  
singing the glory of  
the associated deities,  
at a wink  
come in  
like the disciplined patient mountain  
the thunderous storm and rain.  
In the midst of the thunder  
you can withstand, o Emperor !  
under your ominous  
illusive, strange cover.  
The spontaneity of your life  
is shocked and silent  
encircled by the  
poisonous smoky words  
of hypocrisy,  
your humanitarian consciousness  
becoming mechanical.  

O great Emperor,  
have you ever thought  
in this vast universe  
your worda of vanity  
to show your power,  
your loud commanding voice  
like foolish soliloquies  
seem meaningless,  
and will be lost  
in a wink of an eye.  

So what is the way, Emperor ?  
Will you love the poor  
grow sympathy and relationship  
drop tears of fondness,  
the face, an affectionate  
image of smile, love, kindness,  
or will you be  
the cursed, fearful expression  
of a blind revenge,  
a face full of jealousy,  
like the blood-thirsty butcher's  
bright, burning eyes  
of fire ?  

Translation :
Sanat Das Patnaik  

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