Varnamala : Contemporary Oriya Poetry




Once an egg has been laid,  
it has to be warmed in the lap  
and hatched,  
because, the chick will be out  
of the shell's dark.  

It's no use getting yourself flattered  
thinking that it is your chick.  
You have to straighten its beak,  
brush it, feed it, and if possible,  
caress its tender feathers.  

Do not be sad  
at its disobedience  
nor be glad  
at its free flights.  
He will keep flying  
towards the unlimited sky  
and will have no time  
to look back.  

Now no more wiping  
of tears from the eyes,  
or flashing smiles on the lips.  
Only, if you can,  
keep your eyes open  
and see  
how the catastrophies are hiding,  
the planets are aflame with love  
and how it is flying around  
the entire sky.  

What is called fate  
is nothing but  
a vast distance.  

What you call God  
is nothing but  
a height.  

The wordly man asked,  
What's the distance  
from sin to virtue.  
As much is the distance  
from the lips to the grave,  
replied the sanyasi.  

Translation :
Rabindra K Swain  

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