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My briefcase is public, and all files are for public domain. They contain irrefutable evidence of a time coup d'etat in the USA which affects all other countries, races and peolpe

The impostor who now occupies the USA presidency is making use of such office to sign news laws that favor censoring of the time coup d'etat, creating actions of terrorism so that he can seize the entire country and world with lies of terror, and lately has call to war, alleging all sort of lies to all countries, namely war with Iraq, which is a facade, only so that he can control even more my calling war.

The FBI is been used against me, in all fronts, for actions of law, military and justice which are unjustified, non existant and all of which have ben created by the use of such time access. by the impostor user of time, time access and all thereof

gtime has been stolen from me, it belongs to me, to not other, it is mine, it is me, it ha been used to form new goverments, new laws, new countries, new races, to change the color skin, eye, hair of most races, imporish those whom were bewealthed and enrich those whom are not.

My internet emails, postal mails, ability to find or keep work is been totally censored by the FBI, the NSA, the entire USA goverment is been used against me, the impostor makign any lies to use all of the USA goverment resources against me, only to quiet me and keep me down

My web paeg can bee seen at If you cannot see any of its contents, please call me voice at 305-444-4872 and let me know

Roland Vasco
me as of 2-28-2003