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Virtual Base of Space Operations was created on July 17, 2001.
On this website you'll be able to find a handful of detailed space operations of all
kinds, using the free space simulator Orbiter , created by Martin Schweiger.
The projects posted will be broken down into separate phases; the first couple of them
will be for training purposes only, as I am still becoming more related with the simulator.
As of now the site contains a very basic sections, but hopefully as time goes by, and as
Orbiter grows, new sections will be added to allow the community to interact and get the most
out of VBSPO.

The projects will be broken down into three categories

"Training Based Operation (flight number)"
This type of operations will be the ones where most of the new data will be
acquired from, and where most of the mistakes will be made too. :)

"Flight Operation (flight number)"
Flight Operations will consist of flights that are not 'seen' as training operations.
This type of missions will be carefully planned; every piece of data will be
as precise as possible, including exact times to different phases of the operation,
as well as their procedures.

"Real Life Based Operation (flight number)"
RELBOPs will be all those operations that are created with the purpose
of simulating real life operations, such as the Apollos, satellite launches, etc.
These type of journeys will come as Orbiter is introduced to more accurate
vehicles, which is mostly depending on user input.

As you can see, a lot of work is being put into this, all of it which
is a satisfaction for me as I am amazingly enjoying it.
If you have any suggestions or comments of any kind, please drop me
an email at and I will be more that glad to reply
and listen to anything that will improve the overall image that is trying to be
exhibited at VBSPO.