Press  ( part 2 )


Few actresses have the opportunity to gain the leading role in their first feature film. Alicia Silverstone did just that. She was chosen from a plethora of actresses to portray the lead in "The Crush."

Silverstone then gained worldwide acclaim as 'Cher,' the quintessential Beverly Hills teenager with a heart of gold in the hit feature film "Clueless." She soon formed her production company, First Kiss, in a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Pictures, where she produced her company's first feature, "Excess Baggage." Silverstone also co-starred as 'Batgirl' in "Batman and Robin," "Blast From the Past," and was recently seen in the Shakespearean musical, "Love's Labour's Lost" opposite Kenneth Branagh.

The 24 year-old actress was born and raised in San Francisco and spent her summers in England, the native country of her parents. It was while visiting relatives there that her love for theatre grew.

Before she was cast in "The Crush," Silverstone guest-starred on "The Wonder Years" as Fred Savage's "dreamgirl." Silverstone's performance in "The Crush" caught the eye of the rock group Aerosmith and she starred in their next three videos. The first, "Cryin," was voted Best Video of All Time on MTV. Alicia herself has earned a total of six MTV Movie Awards as well as a Blockbuster Award, Nickelodeon Award, American Comedy Award and the prestigious National Board of Review Award.

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