Trunks is one of the greatest characters in all of Dragonball.  The first appearance of Trunks is during the end of the Freeza Saga. That is when we see future Trunks to be exact. At first no one knows who the boy is.  Trunks kills King Cold and robotic Freeza with his ammazind sword and abilities. Trunks is the second person in the Dragonball series we see go Super Sayajin. Trunks meets Goku when Goku lands back on Earth. Trunks tells his story to Goku. Trunks story is that his dad is Vegeta and his mom is Bulma. This may sound odd, but it is true. Bulma falls in love with Vegeta once she noticed how lonely he is. Trunks also tells Goku of the terrible androids that come and destroy his world. He tells Goku about his training with Gohan and how Gohan and everyone else dies except him and Bulma.  Bulma made him his time machine so he could go 20 years to the future and help the Z warriors.  Goku then asks how he dies. Then Trunks tells him thath he does'nt even get to fight the androids because he dies of a heart desease before the androids even arrive.  Goku is dissapointed, but then Trunks gives Goku a pill that will cure his heart disease.  Trunks stays with the Z team for a long time after this. Soon future Trunks is known as Mirai Trunks from now on.  After a year of hard training the Z warriors are ready for the battle between the androids. The androids come and as the fight of th androids goes on a new enmy has come. The new enemy is Cell. Cell is another android, but he is not the same as the others. Cell needs the power of androids #17 and #18 to become his perfect form.  During Cell's mission for perfection the sayajins train in the room of timme and spirit. During this time Vegeta gains the ability to go SSJ. In Vegeta's fight against Cell he is almos beaten. Trunks gets so enraged he attacks. Trunks is tolded by cell he will be killed soon enough. Once Cell reaches perfect form he is so strong that he thinks all the fights are a game so he makes the Cell games.  In the begining of the Cell games mr. satan gets betaen in one punch. Then Goku goes and he cant win. Then Gohan is next. Cell finds out that Gohan gts stronger if he gets mad so cell makes little Cell jr.s to beat up the Z team. Once Trunks is killed finally Vegeta shows emotion for him by attacking Cell with all his might.The Z team getting beat up and the death of #16 gets Gohan so mad he goes SSJ2. After Cell is defeated they revive Trunks with the dragonballs. Trunks decides to go back to his timeline where he belongs(by now regular Trunks has already been born). With Trunks new learnd abilities he is able to defeat the androids all by himself easily. Future Trunks appears in lots of the DBZ movies. He's in one of them about Brolly and he is also in the movie with Bojack.  After that Future Trunks is pretty much gone. Then comes Chibi Trunks. He is the regular Trunks. This Trunks is very good friends with Goten. he is always getting both of them into trouble. Trunks is a good, but inexperienced fighter. During the Buu saga Trunks and Goten learn the fusin dance and form Gotenks. Gotenks was very powerful, but was too inexperienced and cocky. Gotenks lost and that is about all of Chibi trunks in DBZ cause the series ended. Then came DBGT. Trunks becomes one of the main characters of DBGT. At firs he is the owner of Capsule Corp., but goes with Goku on a search for the dragonballs to save Earth. Their plans are slightly altered because instead of Goten going with them Pan(Gohan's Daughter) snuck aboard the ship and took off before Goten got on. They travel through the universe finding the Dragonballs as they encounter various enemies. Their first really bad enemy is Bebi. Bebi decides it's main goals are too first get inside Trunks and then into Goku and get the dragonballs. Obviously if you read my Goku Bio you know what happens if you dont here is a very short sum. Bebi gets the dragonballs and uses them too make a wish for planet plant. After he has control over almost all the people on Earth. He gets inside Vegeta and fights Goku. Goku goes SSJ4 for the first time and beats Bebi. After that Trunks drifts out of the DBGT picture and Goku and Vegeta become the main characters for the rest of DBGT.
Buring Attack: First Trunks places his hands in front, then does some strange hand techniques. His hands are then placed forward again and the blast is released.
Cool Facts:
1.Chibi Trunks never reaches the power level of Future Trunks. This is because Chibi Trunks lived in a time of peace, but Future Trunks was always battling with the androids.

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