Q: Do you know about clogging groups in my area?

A: I'm sorry I do not.  Unless you are from North Carolina, and even then, chances are pretty slim... Please however, feel free to ask questions of everyone who signs my guest book.  I encourage everyone to read over the last few entries and answer any questions you can!  Yellow and White Pages can offer some help, too.  Call around.  Even if the instructors don't offer clogging lessons, they might know someone who does.

Q: Where can I buy...?
    videos or books

http://www.clog.com     Sells shoes and tee-shirts
http://www.dancecenter.com/     Sells crinolines (petticoats) and western wear
http://www.amazon.com    Lists several books including:

Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting Steps  by Berstein
Clogging and the Southern Appalachian Square Dance by Frank Bonner
How to Do Appalachian Clogging by Thomas W. Hinds
Clog Dance in the Appalachians  by Jerry Duke
Clog steps for Beginners  by Geoff Hughes

Of these, only Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting is available directly from Amazon, but I think you can order the others through them, too somehow.  I have never read any of these books and do not endorse them.  Also check your local library if they don't have it, they may be able to order it for you.

As for videos http://www.radix.net/~jmangin/clogging/welcome.html reviews some clogging videos and books.  It also lists how you can go about ordering them.

Additionally, www.classicclogging.com sells a video which apparently teaches some clogging.  As with the Amazon
books, I've never seen this tape and do not necessarily endorse it.

Q: Can I link my page to yours?

A: Please do.

Q: Will you add a link on your page to mine?

A: Of course.  Send me an e-mail and let me know you want me to add you and I'll be more than happy to.

Q: Can  I use your page as a reference?

A: Please do.  All of this information is accurate.  By accurate, I mean that it is exactly how I learned it, so if some of it is absolutely wrong, one of my teachers has some 'splanin' to do...  =)

Q: Webpage suggestions?

A: Send me an e-mail with any specific questions, I'll be more than happy to get back to you with suggestions.