Cloggers wearing non-traditional outfits. A group of cloggers doing Pitter Pat style, wearing non-traditional outfits.  Notice the line dance style stage location.
Cloggers using a square-dance pattern in routine.
A group of cloggers incorporating a Square Dance position into their
routine. These five are wearing traditional outfits.
Cloggers with a variety of footwear.
This group (the same one as above) is wearing a combination of 
clogging and tap shoes. The three right most people have on clogging shoes, while the two on the left are both wearing tap shoes.
Cloggers with non-traditional outfits. Another group of Pitter-Pat cloggers. Wearing non-traditional outfits.
Cloggers with traditional dress and stage positioning. Traditional style dress and clogging stage positioning. I know this is hard to see, but notice the black tap shoes everyone is wearing. These outfits included crinolines, and penafores. Our socks had trim the same color as our dresses, as well.
Traditional style clogging outfit.
This is a traditional style clogging outfit. I think I'm about 11 here. Wern't I cute? =)  This outfit included a crinoline, cummerbund, and black bloomers with a heart on the seat. Our group wasn't afraid to moon the audience!

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