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Proclamations, Defenses, Essays, and Maps
In this section are links to the biographical pages that have essays written by the leaders themselves.  These come from as varied sources as official publications and newspapers.  There are also other essays submitted by individuals and historians.
Note:  These are links to the tops of persons' pages only.  Scroll down the page to find the specific article head listed here.

Neutrality Questioned: the U.S. sells arms to the Entente
by Graf Burián

The Origins of the World War
by Ambassador Dr. Constantin Dumba

The Archibald Affair as explained by Ambassador Dr. Constantin Dumba

Reflections on the War Against Italy, 2 July 1915 by the Archduke Eugen

Reflections on Franz Josef with details from the memoires of Miklós Hórthy

An Explanation of the Fall of Przemysl by War Minister von Krobatin

Operations on the Dunajec: The Spring Offensive by War Minister von Krobatin

Victory on the Dunajec:  The Battle of Gorlice-Tarnow by General Mackensen

The New Ambassador Arrives in the U.S. An interview with Adam Tarnowski
Special Additions
The Apostolic Empire:  Hungary's War Aims During WWI by G. Stefanovics
Maps:  The Empire Under Attack!
Map of the 16 Military Districts of the Empire prior to hostilities

Map of the Invasions of the Empire by her Enemies during WWI

Map of the 5 Military Rayons of the Tirol Defense Command, 1915-1917

FEEFHS Map Room:   This site is being linked on almost every page so readers have easy access to maps.  These are not the best maps around (the Volhynian one is not good at all) but FEEFHS has been around for a long time without changing its address, and will likely stay that way.  Therefore, it's reliable and helpful.