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World War I Document Archive: Quite an extensive database of official papers, including the Austrian Red Book on WWI's origins as well as the Austrian Ultimatum and rebuttal to the Serbians' reply.

Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918:
Almost exactly like my site, more detailed than my site, and created by Glenn Jewison, who has the same first name.  All kinda spooky... Glenn has also been the biggest contributor of images and info to this site.  His sources are endless, so don't miss his Site.

Czech Legion in Italy: Martin Pytr's excellent site concerning a forgotten story of WWI.

The Prussian Machine: A bit like this site, but it's John Viser's German coverage.

Austro-Hungarian Fleet: Vincze Béla György's excellent navy site with lots of photos and stats.

Die Gebirgskrieg in den Dolomiten: Fighting in the rugged Alps from the Austrian point of view.

Tegetthoff Class Warships:
A site describing the fate of Austria's warships.

Prva Svetovna Vojna:
Slovenian site dedicated to WWI in general.

Pour le Mérite:
Germany's "Blue Max" with a listing of WWI awardees.

Avstro-Vengrija: Russian-language site about the dual monarchy and WWI.  Wish there was a Russian site too.

Austro-Hungarian Army Postal Items:
  John Dixon-Nuttall presents an exhibition for the historian and philatelist alike.

Russian Army in World War I:
Andrei Rukkas lets us find out what the other side was up to.

Österreichischen Militärgeschichte:
Dedicated mostly to Austria's armies of the XIX. century.

Causes of World War I:
Find out why World War I was such a big hit.

Axis History (formerly World War I  Factbook):
Marcus Wendel's site dedicated to all participants in World War II..

World War I in the Adriatic:
  Wet n' wild while waging world war.  A Site by Michael Phillips

Austrian War Archive:
  This site overviews the War Museum in Vienna.

Österreichischen Lexikon:
Devoted to Austria's millennium (996-1996), with an encyclopaedia of Austrian places and personalities, though mostly Republic era.

World at War:
  Axel Schudak's and Soren Swigart's focus on the interwar period and WWII.

Trenches on the Web:
  Everybody knows about Mike I.'s entertaining site.

German Historical Museum:
Good source for biographies of German notables.  Also contains a WWI gallery and narrative.  I think there are some English pages.

Museums-net:   Christian Frech's listing of museums in Austria.  Christian has provided some great photos for the benefit of this site!  DEAD LINK!

FEEFHS Map Room:   An organisation dedicated to geneology.  This site is being linked on almost every page so readers have easy access to maps.  These are not the best maps around (the Volhynian one is not so good) but FEEFHS has been around for a long time without changing its address, and will likely stay that way.

Szeged U. Military Collection:   Hungarian Site devoted to WWI and other stuff.

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About Sources....

My sources for the material presented on this Site are quite varied in quality and consistency, mostly because I have only erratic access to resources.  I rely on scholarly works wherever possible.  I also rely heavily on volunteered information from friendly fellow historians out there who generally have better resources at hand (many thanks to you all!).  Concerning copyrights, articles that I have written are identified with a "GWS," and are my development.  (Please give proper credit if you reproduce anything of mine on another site.)  There are some reproduced articles on this site, and the authors' names and/or sources are noted.

When those sources are lacking, I refer to information and data found in contemporary resources, including newspaper articles and common-grade "books for the masses" that were popular reading material during the war.  The problem with these sources is that they are filled with huge numbers of errors, both in spelling and in presentation of fact.  They were more interested in getting a story, usually a propagandistic story, out to the people, and less interested in giving accurate data.  So, I present their facts as truth until further research indicates otherwise.  This is the internet, not a doctoral dissertation.  I post material first, and then make corrections afterwards--in fact, it seems like every time I view a page, I must fix something that's wrong.  But then, that's how it goes.  Happily, the site is always improving.  And, an increasing number of visitors send me advice and criticisms that help improve data quality. 

Photos come from both books and from other sites on the Web.  As this is a not-for-profit venture, I am free to post many unique photos without security and take from other sites as well.  There is no intent to defraud the original owners of these photos, and I must warn those who copy these photos that they must acquire permission from the owners if they intend to use the photos in any published material that generates income.

With that, thanks again to all who have helped with this project!

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