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Josef Redlich
Josef Redlich was born on 18 June 1869 at Göding (Hodonín) in southeastern Moravia.   He was a member of the Austrian parliament from 1907 until 1918.  He was the Minister of Finance for the government of the monarchy in October and November 1918, and again for the Republic in 1931.  From 1907, Redlich was also a professor at the university in Vienna and, from 1926 until 1934, also at Harvard University.

Redlich wrote many observations on the war and the reactions of both the population and the politicians, and his diary is most often quoted by writers on the subject of Austria in the World War.  Among his published works after war was "Österreichische Regierung und Verwaltung im Weltkrieg" (1925) and "Kaiser Franz Josef von Österreich" (Berlin, 1929).  

Josef Redlich died on 12 November 1936 in Vienna.

GWS, 11/01