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Hermann Freiherr
von Stein
General von Stein began the war as commander of the 1. Bavarian field artillery brigade.  He was severely wounded on 30 November 1914 and remained in recuperation until  19 January 1915.  Stein was then granted command of the 8. Bavarian Reserve Division until 1 November 1917.  Stein meanwhile won the Pour le Merite on 20 August 1917. 

In late October 1917, Stein's force was attached to the German XIV. Army of General
Otto von Below. It was combined with other elements to form Gruppe Stein.  This Corps scored a decisive breakthrough on the morning of 24 October 1917, in conjunction with Krauss' Corps along a narrow sector facing Caporetto.  The whole northern Italian front broke and Stein's Corps succeeded in forward movement to the  upper reaches of the Torrente Torre within 36 hours.  From there, the Tagliamento was forded after the Italians attempted to make a stand there.  During this push toward Udine, Stein's comrade General Albert Berrer was surprised and killed. 

Stein's Corps finally rested on the Piave, but was soon withdrawn on General Ludendorff's orders to the Western Front.  On 1 December 1917, Gruppe Stein was formally reorganised as the III. Bavarian Army Corps, which Stein commanded until the Armistice. 

Hermann Freiherr von Stein died on 26 February 1928.

GWS, 2/02
Orders of Battle:  November 1916
Amidst the successful offensive against Roumania
Army Front Erzherzog Karl, Generaloberst
Karl Franz Josef
I. K.u.K. Armee, Gen. d. Inf.
Arz von Straußenberg
   Stein Group, Genlt. von Stein
       I. K.u.K. kav. div., Feldmlt. von Ruiz
       VII. K.u.K. inf. div., Genmj.
       VIII. Bayerisch res. div., Genlt. von Stein

Orders of Battle:  Late October, 1917
Immediately prior to the Battle of Caporetto
XIV. K.u.K. Armee, Gen. d. Inf.
Otto von Below
    Group Stein, III. Bayerisch Korps, Genlt. Freiherr von Stein
       L. inf. div., Genmj. Gerabek
       XII. inf. div., Genmj. Lequis

Orders of Battle:  November 1917
Immediately following the Battle of Caporetto
Deutsch XIV. Armee, Gen. d. Inf.
von Below
    Group Stein, III. Bayerisch Korps, Genlt. von Stein
       L. inf. div., Genmj .Gerabek
       XII. inf. div., Genmj. Lequis