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The Velvet Groove report.
Updated 8/22/04
Yuro mental has disbanded. It is not likely you'll see them play any clubs again. But don't count them out on a party or two. Yuri and Kirby are still working together, so it may be possible to see another form of YuroMental in the future.

Hjylimar & King Have been working with Kirby from the Mental band on some tunes. They have played as guest musicians at a Blue Daddy gig at The Irish Immigrant in the University District in Seattle.

Standing Lotus

Standing Lotus lives!. The two members that made up this thing have joined tegether along with Kirby Soderstrom to play some of their old favorites and some new tunes. VelvetGroove will have some mp3's to hear soon. At this point it is not clear whether or not they will be seen playing clubs around town. but it is a sure thing you will be able to hear them here. Hjylimar is still singing for Blue Daddy. They have recently decided to step back on there schedual and take it easy for a while. This according to Hjylimar gives him more time to focus on original stuff with King & Kirby. Theres more info in the Standing Lotus Page.


The Velvet Groove web site has gone through some changes. As well as the bands and music. Uncle Fester is dead, Standing Lotus has withered and will probobly never be seen again. I have left the Standing lotus section somewhat intact, but with updated bio's. Kind of like a "where are they now" kind of thing.
The Festering boys have now become Mental. Yuromental that is! Don't ask me why. The Uncle Fester section has been replaced with Yuromental.

The Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery has photos of the YuroMental guys, and some of the rockn' dudes. Maybe some of Uncle Fester and The Butchers too.


Here you will find a clarification and or explanation of the "Standing Lotus" name. Or not!


YuroMental, a mid 80's rock band from Seattle formerly known as Uncle Fester, has re-grouped in the late 90's. This section contains information about the band history, their CDís and gig schedule. This section also has pictures of YuroMental and "mp3" files.