Linda Evans' Bunk (Y) Mate

Bunky Young, 52, has been friends with Linda Evans for 19 years. She became her personal assistant five years ago when both were going through "what are we going to do with our lives?" post-divorce crisis. Dynasty solved that.

I sort of run Linda`s life, Bunky admits. Days begin at 7:30 and usually continue into the evening. Office is her L.A. home or Linda`s, or the ABC studios. Most of her work is done on the telephone. Admittedly, sometimes there isn`t a lot of time for Bunky, but the silver-haired grandmother of four (she has four grown children, three of whom live in L.A.) wouldn`t have it any other way.

Linda is not driven at all. I am extremely ambitious for her, says Bunky, who has acted on Dynasty, Matt Houston and Hotel. If I have to take a firm stand on Linda`s behalf, I absolutely will. My job is to protect and take care of her, and that is what I will do. There have even been times I had to get a little ugly, but she won`t elaborate on the "maybe two times."

No one is more appreciative than the lovely Evans. She takes over my life. I completely and totally trust her with everything. But as valuable as she is to me, adds the actress, I love her so much - I want her to fall in love with somebody and get married...
and stop working!


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