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1 Contains information on statics & dynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics.
2 Basic Thermodynamics This web site is intended for new thermodynamics students to gain a basic understanding of cycles and components.
3 Ansys Tutorials Contains tutorials on using Ansys Package.
4 Contains tutorials and tips for Using PRO-E.
5 Provides millions of component drawings from manufacturers free for download.
6 A Unique site for CAD Engineers, with coverage on CAE, GIS and other Advanced concepts.
7 Contains rich information on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
8 This site contains AutoCAD tutorials.
9 Contains resources on various disciplines of engineering such as Aerospace, geology, Mechanical engineering etc.
10 Contains information about CAD / CAM / CAE, Machine shop, semiconductors and finite element methods.
11 Details about the working of the famous "fire and forget" Stinger missile.
12 A site ( Indeed a treasure ) which contains lot of information about the functioning of various engineering components and structures.
13 A guide to internet resources in Mechanical Engineering.
14 This site contains exhaustive information on fundamentals of various disciplines of Engineering

Job Sites


            These sites contain information that would be useful for Mechanical Engineers.  More information about what the site contains can be found from the respective Sites. I thank Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh for contributing a majority of these valuable sites. Unigraphics Job Junction. AutoCAD Job Junction. PRO-E Job Junction. I-Deas Job Junction. CNC Job Junction. Catia Job Junction. Solid Edge Job Junction.
CAD Jobs This site contains about CAD jobs and services.
CADForum Contains CAD jobs and services.

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