Periyazhwar Pasurams

Periyazhwar's paasurams
Periyazhwar composed a total of 473 paasurams known as Periyazhwar Thirumozhi


The first 12 paasurams known as Tirupallandu were composesd by periyazhwar during his darshanam of the Lord as he appeared over the sky with his consort, weapons and the mount-Garuda.In Tirupallandu he prays for a long life for perumal (many thousands of years) for perumal,his consort,his divya ayudhams and his Bhagavathas out of a fear for his safety as the lord had entered a space which was bound by Time.We know that that anyone or any object that enters the confines of Time will not last forever.Thinking on these lines Periyazhwar gets concerned and as prays for LONG years for all those associated with the lord out of his pongum parivum (Overflowing Sympathy).The essence of THIRUPALLANDU as outlined by periyazhwar to king Vallabhadevan was "By leading a life completely engaged in singing the glory of emperuman and doing Service(kaimkaryam) to emperumaan and his adiyars(bhagavathas) is the sure way to earn His grace and reach HIM(emperuman)."

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Periyazhwar Thirumozhi

In the periyazhwar thirumozhi sri periyazhwar assumes the role of yasoda,the mother of lord krishna and enjoys the various bala leelas of ayarpadi kannan. sri periyazhwar starts the periyazhwar thirumozhi with the celebration of the birth of lord krishna at Thirukottiyur-"vanna madangal soozh thirukottiyoor kannan kesavan nambi piranthanil",and describes the child just after birth. In the next set of verses he enjoys and describes the beauty of each and every limb of the new born baby krishna's body.Then in Manikam katti he tries to make the child krishna asleep by singing songs-ulagamalandhaane thalelo(o lord who measured the whole world dont wink and turn around here and there go to sleep)Now periyazhwar wants to play with the child so he enjoys the child lifting its head up looking towards the left and then right ,Smiling ,winking its eyes and looking with awe,wonder and exitement .here periyazhwar enjoys the moonlike face of child krishna_("aiya enakku oru kaal aduka sengeerai,ayargal porere aduga aaduga ve") Periyazhwar then enjoys child krishna smilling and clapping the palms -"maayavane kottaisappani".After this the azhwar enjoys the attempts of the trying to walk for the first time-thalar nadai.The Azhwar then imagines lifting and embracing the child-"emperumaan varaachchovachho" ,"kuttan vandhu ennai purampozhguvaan govindan ennai purampolguvaan" and describes the above feeling in a stirring manner. These were a sample from his mudhal patthu

Selected decads from periyazhwar Thirumozhi and their meanings by Sri V.sadagopan

Svami Manavala Mamunigal Mangalasasanam in Upadesa Rathina Malai-by Sri V.Sadagopan

Sri Periyazhwar dedicated his paasurams to the emperuman's of the following divya desams

.Periyazhwar composed the maximum of 35 paasurams on Thiruvarangam He also had a special attachment for Thirumaal irum solai.He has composed 34 paasuram on Tirumaalirumsolai. .Among the 34 he composed a full set of 10 verses on the malai(azhagar hill)itself highlighting it's significance in the nangam patthu, moonram Tirumozhi.He also talks about the auspicious theertham Silambaaru(Noopura gangai) in the 338th verse. .Periyazhwar spent his last few year's of his life at Tiru maal irum solai and also attained paramapadam here.


Periyavachaan pillai's commentary is available only from the 410 th verse.So Swami Manavala Mamunigal has given Vyakyanam from the first to the 410th verse

Swapadesa vyakyanam-Thiruvaimozhi Pillai

Vazhi Tirunaman

n^alathiruppalandu n^anmooron vazhiye
naanoorraarubaththonrum nammakkuraiththaan vaazhiye
sollariyavaanithanir sothivanthan vaazhiye
thodai soodikkoduththal thozhun^thamappan vazhiye
selvanambithannaippor sirrapurran vaazhiye
senrukizhiyaruththu maaltheivamenraan vaazhiye
villiputtur nagarththai vilangavaithan vazhiye
vethiyar kon battar piraan methiniyil vazhiye