Greetings and Salutations.
"Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs" Lily Tomlin
I am Michelle, aka Daine aka Miccia to those whom I adore.
Ti amo Giuseppe, tu sei il mio mondo di gioia. Il mio cuore e la mia anima appartergoro a te Giuseppe, mi manchi tantissimo!

Super Max! My sweet little baby *incoherent baby babble*
Grace McKenna, born Friday July 9, 2004. My niece ^_^!!!
And here I am... don't I look adorable? Or freaky spooky gothy thing....You decide. This is the all powerful, do-what-i-want-because-if-you-don't-i'll-cry puppy face.
I have 2 pet rats, who own me more than I own them. They are Sir Nigel Ian Thatcher (A kiss-happy squidgy big siamese boy, neutered). And Lord Rupert Henry Giles (the dom boy, a Big black-hooded neutered male, Nigel's brother as well).
Sir Reginald Jabberwocky died of pneumonia at 1pm on 12-23-05. He was barely a year old. Reggie was a very pale champagne-hooded dumbo male. I wish I could have seen him grow into a fat old man.
Check it out! Lesbians! How sweet
Ooo how scary! The plague bringing beasts! How disgusting and evil! Run in fear! Its a rat! Eeee!!! Get a broom!.................Nigel "Who?"
Oh yeah....he's ferocious allright. Total he sits here on my shoulder, munchin on fruit loops...
Harley Quinn
My sweet psycho-kitty. I know what you're thinking....she has a dog, a cat, 2 rats. But that's the best part...They're all in the same room. My dog is always by my side, and my cat is confined to my room because she'll run out the dog door if she's let loose. Don't worry, she runs on the walls to get exercise. And the rats are in a huge chinchilla cage.