>>>>> 2307 ReverendMaynard initiates StealthSuite 4.0

>>>>> 2309 ReverendMaynard: [What's up, Chummer? Somewhere between being born in the wrong place and fucking around with the wrong people, you ended up here, looking for the tips and tricks that'll hopefully not only get you living in the fashion to which you want to become accustomed, but also keep those vital bodily functions going long enough to collect. Further, the world is changing. Obviously. I'm not going to bore you by telling you what any self-respecting runner should know, but between Comet 2.0 and the wireless Matrix... damn, I barely know which way I'm going anymore. Myself and the rest of the Sixth World agree on one thing, though- the entire fragging situation is glitched. You wouldn't be here if you wanted to surf AllSource, so let's cut the drek and give you what you need.]

>>>>> 2311 ReverendMaynard initiates Closed Uplink


Tell It To Them Straight
>>>>> Behind the Scenes
Pushing the Envelope

>>>>> 2312 UPLINK TERMINATED<<<<<