English language healing consultations for life coaching, direction and inner growth in Zichron Yaacov, Israel.

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Our network also offers grief counselling, spiritual healing, classical homeopathy, alternative family therapy for adults and children.


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Veratherapy is a service that uses tools of spiritual psychology to create openings into a greater alignment with the core states of love, peace and unity.

To stay or to leave?

If you are a tourist in Israel who has fallen in love, the momentous decision of choosing to uproot from your own country - perhaps even religion - and form a family in Israel could be ahead of you. Do not make life-determining decisions without all the information. Contact us to empower your choice. 0774280012.

Perhaps you want to break patterns sown in early childhood; perhaps in-depth, open-minded therapy is needed to get behind the immediate causes of suffering. Or you may want coaching in life direction - in finding ways to manifest your gifts to the world.

Your unconscious is a treasure of wisdom, always leading you where you need to go. When we open the doors to intuition with the tools of Veratherapy, a journey of inner growth presents itself.

Expert advice for immigrants considering making a family in Israel, or facing divorce in the Israeli courts

We offer counseling and mediation targeted towards immigrants from English speaking countries who are now faced with the challenge of divorce. Our support is emotional, spiritual and also grounded in practical strategy when facing the tough realities of lawyers, rabbinical and civil courts. 0774280012

Issues where Veratherapy can help include:

  • Grief therapy and bereavement;

  • Alchemy: transforming loss or trauma into peace and joy;

  • Developing intuition and uncovering life direction;

  • Couples: sexuality, marriage, family structures, divorce;

  • Creativity: opening creative powers to accelerated self-healing using writing, poetry, art;

  • Stress - getting behind it so it heals rather than steals, opening vast reserves of blocked energy;

  • Healing: non-invasive spiritual healing that supports your passage into wholeness and freedom;

  • Exploration of the unconscious: contacting the higher self, inner guides, and deeper dimensions of experience.

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