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Welcome to my Web Site.

This site is made entirely by me. Nobody helped in the making of these pages. So if you have any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions don't feel afraid to bring them to me.

I'm making this page better because of a computer class that I am taking. So now I actually care about what I do on this web site.

June 16. 2001

A few of you might be wondering "Why has it been so long since he has updated his site?". Well the answer is simple. I did this page mainly for one reason, passing Computers class. But once computers was over I didnt give this page a second look. Well I decided today that I would add something to it so that it was new and different, so if someone deicides to come to my page they will be able to see something new!

April 8, 2001

  • Edited site to make it look good.
  • Added all the Photoshop I have done for class to the page!
  • This site was constructed with Dreamweaver 4.