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A Date with "CEMETARY MAN"
                "I'd give my life to be dead." -Francesco 

         First of all a warning for all ye squeamish individuals our there, this movie is most definately not for you.  After all it's chock full of flesh eating zombies and disturbing incidents.  That being said, this is NOT a knock off of "Night of the Living Dead" or something.  Sure, the movie is about Francesco Dellamorte, (played by none other than Rupert Everett) the Cemetary man whose job is to make sure the dead stay that way, but it is so much more.  Italian director Michele Soavi has made a film that
combines horror, comedy and art beautifully.  It is twisted and horrific, yet it is so heartbreaking to watch Francesco's downward spiral into indifference.  I do not pretend to understand movie completely...uh the snowglobe?!?...but to see it is to fall in love with its look at a man who has more incommon with the dead than the living.  Not to mention the wonderful supporting cast: Gnaghi (Francois Hadji-Lazaro), Francesco's unintelligable sidekick who falls in love with a disembodied head, and the woman known as She (Anna Falchi) who appears as three different people and breaks Francesco's heart with each one.  This movie is a hidden gem, unknown to most people.  It is a special gift passed on from friend to friend, and I pass it on to you.

For some cool pics, sounds, videos, plot summary, and a "Things I learned from this movie" list, visit
this site.  (The pics on this page are from there)

**** 1/2

        * -
I'd rather gauge my eyes out than have to sit through this again
      ** -
If there's a gun to my head, I *might* watch it
    *** -
Decent, would watch it again
  **** -
A kick ass flick.  Go watch.  Now.
***** -
Sweet merciful crap, WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!
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