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The Trouble with "DUEL"
I'm sure somepeople actually like this movie.  In fact I've visited several sights who think this film is just the greatest.  If you are one of these people, I suggest moving to another review. 
To put it bluntly, this was THE worst movie I have seen since Santa vs. the Martians.  It was bad.  The movie which supposedly began Steven Spielberg's career is not worth the film its printed on.
First of all, its missing one teensy little thing -- a PLOT?  Duel is about a guy being chased by a truck.  The end.  It's literally the same scene of the main character nearly getting run off the road by some truck over and over, interrupted once or twice by this main character accusing someone in a diner of being the truck driver.  How creative!
And I could overlook the lack of plot, if the acting was at least somewhat qualitative, or if the "truck trying to run car off road" scenes were at least cool.  I love action movies, stuff getting blown up, cars getting mangled.  This is not action.  Not even close.
Not even the conclusion is satisfying.  The truck drives over a cliff.  The end.  My only joy was from the simple fact that it was over.
So I implore you: don't waste the time or money to experience this horrorific piece of work.  Unless you need a cure for insomnia.
Grandma's house holds more thrills.

Rating: It doesn't even warrant a single star.  It's that bad.

        * -
I'd rather gauge my eyes out than have to sit through this again
      ** -
If there's a gun to my head, I *might* watch it
    *** -
Decent, would watch it again
  **** -
A kick ass flick.  Go watch.  Now.
***** -
Sweet merciful crap, WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!
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