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Woody vs. "Celebrity"
Let me start by telling you this: I have grown up in a family that loathes Woody Allen and his movies.  My family hates them, my friends hate them, and I saw one long ago (can't even remember the name!) and I hated it.  Now that that's out, let me say…I SIMPLY ADORED THIS MOVIE!!!  Truth be told, I only rented it because it stars one of my all-time favs, Kenneth Branagh (who plays the Woody Allen character to a T).  It's the story of a writer (Branagh) who divorces his insecure wife (Judy Davis) so he can basically sleep with other women.  Over the course of the comedy (which is entirely shot in black and white), both individuals are surrounded by "Hollywood's finest".  Both characters are fairly plain, common people - it's their interactions and the way their separate lives unfold that make this film wonderful (not to mention the harsh light shone on Hollywood).  Branagh is wonderful - he turns what might have been just another obnoxious skirt chaser into someone loveable (and neurotic) that we actually feel sorry for when things don't work out for him. This role also showing off his immense acting talent, filling the shoes normally worn be Woody Allen himself, while adding a touch of flare I've come to love from him.

And yet I find myself one of the rare individuals who actually liked this film, just about everyone in this movie is either a skirt chaser or a whore.  It's attack at Hollywood angered many, and the lack of young characters (Leonardo DiCaprio's dispicable star, Charlize Theron's fickle little model, and Winnona Ryder's sexually charged actress wanna-be were basically the only youngins) are the most expressed problems, though I didn't see either one as a problem at all.  Woody Allen fans claim it's the worst film he's ever made.  Maybe THAT'S why I actually liked it!     

Rating: *** 1/2       

        * -
I'd rather gauge my eyes out than have to sit through this again
      ** -
If there's a gun to my head, I *might* watch it
    *** -
Decent, would watch it again
  **** -
A kick ass flick.  Go watch.  Now.
***** -
Sweet merciful crap, WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!
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