The Movie Chick
"Empire Records", Open Til Midnight
                             "Damn the Man, Save the Empire!"

Let me start by saying that this is my FAVOURITE movie of all-time.  It’s got a sweet cast, a rockin soundtrack, and some kick-ass lines.  In fact I’m going to ellaborate each of these points before I continue.

The Cast

You get Renee Zellwegger before “Jerry McGuire” or “Bridget Jones Diary” in an uncharacteristically slutty role.  Throw in Ethan Embry (back when he was Ethan Randall) in his best roll ever as Mark the lovable rocker boy, post-“Craft” Robin Tinney without hair as the rebel Deb, and Rory Cochran (post-“Dazed and Confuse”, pre-“CSI Miami”) as the all-knowing but naďve Lucas.  Sprinkle in the beautiful Johnny Whitworth and the ever-dramatic Liv Tyler, add a dash of Anthony LaPaglia as the best manager ever and Max Caulfield (“Grease 2” anyone?  *shudder*) as has-been Rex Manning, and you’ve got one HELL of a cast.

The Soundtrack

Some good tunes circa 1995 including the great Gin Blossoms tune “Til I Hear it From You”, a great cover of "Ready, Steady, Go", the Edwyn Collins' hit "Girl Like You", and Coyote Shivers (Berko in the film) "Sugar High".

The Kick-Ass Lines

“Well Sinead O’Rebellion.  Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behaviour.” - Gina

“Hey, you forgot your thingy.” – Eddie (waving a bra)

“You did have hair when you went in there, right?”
“Yeah, its still in the sink if you wanna glue it.” – AJ & Deb

“What’s with you today?”
“What’s with today today?” – AJ & Lucas

“Music is the glue of the world.  It holds it all together.” - Eddie

All that being said, this little "day in the life of an Empire Records employee" film is a definate must-see for all you generation Xers out there, or anyone really who enjoys a good slacker film.  It is by far one of the most re-watchable film going.  So if you haven't seen it, go.  Now.

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