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Most weekdays during working hours, and sometimes extraordinary hours VerbatimIT is receiving or transcribing digital audio files, or transmitting the completed files to customers locally and internationally.

VerbatimIT is always better than voice-to-text software. I have tried versions early on and recently. It's great if you like that sort of thing, but if you want results that are ready to work with, without coddling, then contact VerbatimIT.

Why? With VerbatimIT you have greater accuracy (99.9% to 100%), faster turn-around, and more time for what matters to you. Most importantly, you spend less time with gadgets and software.

For more information, write VerbatimIT

That may be the last typing you have to do for a while. Alan Kelly owns and manages VerbatimIT

During business weekdays you may reach Alan at 802-578-3789.

Yours truly,