Verdant Meadows
As you enter the land of Verdant Meadows you see three lands, one baren and black, one lush and green, the third full of charred black spots and many lush areas. Then, before you there are three paths, one leading to each land, which will you choose!

*I tell you, the new horses don't believe in good, only power!* You hear a cold voice and three mares walk towards you *I doubt that, the horses want good, not evil, or power, or whatever you call it* a black mare says heatedly *You just cant understand that can you?* she asks a white mare, *Will you two stop it already!* a chestnut mare yells, *There's a new horse right there, let them decide!*

*Oh, forgive me* the black mare says *My name is Foreign Beauty, leader of the goods in the land of Angel's Wings, Welcome to Verdant Meadows. I hope you join me!* she then is pushed aside by the white mare, whose eyes flash red...

*Don't believe Foreign Beauty!* she roars *Come with me, Flaming Glacier, leader of the land of Satanic Valley, Where you will find power you never imagined!* she then looks at the other two mares *They can give you nothing, but I need to let my sister talk, so you can decide...*

*Thank you Flaming Glacier, for that lovely introduction* the chestnut mare says sarcastically, *Welcome to Verdant Meadows, I am Optical Illusion, leader of the land Home Free, where neuteral horses who don't wish to be a part of my sister's battle, as I have chosen.* the three mares turn around, and they all say *Its your choice* and then they each canter down a different path, waiting for you to follow...
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