San Agustin Talamanca Treks
Camping, Hiking,
Backpacking & Horseback Riding
in backcountry Costa Rica
San Agustin base camp is on the 200 acre San Agustin private rain forest reserve which borders the edge of Costa Rica's largest wilderness area.  We are located 35 km southeast of Turrialba.

We've built a beautiful and comforatble escape for the seasoned traveler, camper and nature lover.  We offer travlers and adventurers a chance to explore the untamed side of Costa Rica.  We have a low maintenance; self help camp ground sustained by visitor donations.  Dry shelter, spring water, wood stove, and pots and pans are provided for visitors.  Base camp has an 8 km trail wihch you can hike on your own.  Guided day hikes, horseback riding and wilderness backpacking may be available.  San Agustin has an 8 km trail which you can hike on your own.
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