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            Car Enthusiasts Unite

    After 23 years, he finally has it home. He parked this car in 1975 at his parents farm. Being young (at the time!) and with no responsibilities, he immediately set to work restoring it. Little did he know that it would end up the home to so many woodland creatures before he would once again commence work on it.

I had managed to put him off for many years, but his father finally insisted that it be removed from his field. The BIG DAY finally came Aug. 30, 1998.  And with the help of his brother, Jim got his baby home. Unfortunately, he also put his back out, so the thrill was dampened a bit.

Now to a non-car person like myself, this car looks beyond help. But he assures me that when he is done not only will I be willing to sit in it, I'll fight him for the keys!

That seat doesn't look too comfortable to me!

I will admit that even without air-conditioning it should be a cool ride.
There isn't a window in the whole car!
He says they're in the barn! A lot of good that will do in the rain.

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