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I have played at quilting for a few years now. Unfortunately, I usually forget to take a picture of the finished quilt before giving it away. There are a couple I have on hand though and have added them here.

My first official, did it right quilt was a small wall quilt. I hand quilted the majority of it. When I got to the border, though, I couldn't keep it in my frame. I finished it by machine.

I home schooled my boys for a time and one of the projects was to make a quilt. Alex picked out the fabrics from the odds and ends I had. There weren't many options at that time, but I thought he did well with his choices. We cut the pieces out together. I ended up sewing lengths together and he arranged them. I attempted to hand quilt this one also, but after three months I finished it by machine. The picture is small, all I could find was the thumbnail.

I made my mom a memory quilt for her 70th birthday. Growing up there was a frame with pictures of all us kids hanging on the wall. I ended up with the pictures after my father passed away. I scanned the pictures and printed them onto fabric. I had wanted to added recent pictures of us also, but trying to get 9 people to send a picture of themselves in a timely fashion proved impossible, so I gave up. She seemed quite happy with the outcome. 


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